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This project “Voting Software” aims to make the voting process easy and supportive. At present voting is performed using ballot paper and the counting is done manually, hence it consumes lot of time. There can be a possibility of invalid votes or missing correct number of votes. All these make election a tiresome task. In this project voting and counting is done with the help of computer. It saves time and money, avoid error in counting and there will be no invalid votes. It makes the election process easy. The following are the features in this project:

  1. Counting the total number of votes.
  2. Percentage of total votes.
  3. Number of votes for each candidate.
  4. Percentage of votes for each candidate.
  5. Checking for duplication of votes.
  6. Finding the winning person.
  7. Finding the margin of votes.


All the co-operative societies conduct voting process to select right person for holding reputed position. Our project aims at helping the voting process in co-operative societies. The manual involvement needed in the process reduces and this makes the process easy. It saves time and the result can be published quickly.

Objectives of the Project

  1. To count the total number of votes.
  2. To calculate the percentage of total votes.
  3. To calculate votes for each candidate.
  4. To calculate percentage of votes for each candidate.
  5. To check for duplication.
  6. To find the winning persons in each section.
  7. All the process above mentioned should be done fast

Need for Computerization

  • It will reduce manual work.
  • Retrieval and insertion of information becomes easy
  • Voting process becomes fast.
  • Duplication will be avoided.
  • Re-voting can be prevented.

Voting Software

  1. This system makes it easier for the co-operative societies in voting activities.
  2. It will help to announce the results faster.
  3. It will reduce manual work.
  4. Reduce complaints about voting.
  5. It will also reduce paper work.

Key Features

  • Secure access to administrator.
  • Invalid and duplicate votes can be avoided, hence it provides reliability.
  • System is much user friendly that user can perform their vote with mouse clicks.
  • Voting process secures the ordinary voting and the result will be published faster too.
  • User cannot modify or access the voter details or candidate details.
  • Helps to make a short list of the voters, candidates, winning person.


We have devised the following modules according to the requirements of the organization.

  • Administrator
  • User

Administrator has the whole authority of the application .He is the one who maintains all the aspects of voters and candidates. His functionalities include insertion, updation, and deletion of both the voter and the candidate. He is responsible for allowing people to vote.

In user’s module, user need to register and then view the list of voter’s information and vote for their desired candidate.

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Updated: July 6, 2016 — 11:43 am

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