Testing Tools Interview Questions

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1). What is Software Testing?

It is a process of verifying if we are developing the right product as per the requirement documents or not, and also validating thus the developed product is as per the requirement documents or not is called Software testing.

2). What is Verification?

Verification is a part of testing and it is done when the product is still in the developing stage. We check if the application/module/build is developed as per the requirement documents (FRS & SRS) or not. Verification also called as Static testing.

3). What is validation?

It is a process of validating if the developed product is as per the requirement documents (FRS & SRS) or not is called Validation. Validation also called as Dynamic Testing.

4).What is Early Testing?

Testing an application/module/build software as soon as possible in software development life cycle to find defects at early stages is called Early testing. Early testing is Helpful to reduce cost of fixing defects.

5). What are the major objectives In software testing?

Conformance to Requirements, finding and reporting defects, to make sure all reported defects gets fixed and close. Finally, Testing helps in delivering a quality or risk free product to customer.

6). What is static testing?

Static testing is Verification. We verifying if the developing product is the right product or not.

7). What are the static testing Techniques?

Static testing is carried out with “Reviews” and “Walkthroughs”.

8). Define Review?

Examining requirements or the design or code is called review.

9). How many Types of Reviews are there?

Management Reviews, Technical Reviews, Code Reviews, Formal Reviews, Informal Reviews.

10). What is Management Reviews?

These reviews will be carried out by high level or middle level management to monitor the project status. These reviews are helpful to take the necessary corrective actions, if there are any slippages.

11). What is Technical Reviews?

These reviews will be conducted among technical members to decide the best approach of implementation, if there is any confusions while implementing a technical job.

12). What is Code Reviews?

These reviews will be conducted among the developers on the source code to confirm thus the code is developed as per the predefined standards or not.

13). What is Formal Reviews?

If any Review is carried out or conducted by following a predefined procedures and proper documentation and these Reviews are called Formal Reviews. Inspections and Audits are the best examples for Formal Reviews.

14). What is Slippages?

The deviation between planned work to actual work is called slippages.

15). What is Informal Reviews?

If any Review is conducted with out following any Predefined Procedures and Documentation then these reviews are called Informal Reviews.

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