Real Estate Management System

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Real Estate Business Management System is a software project designed for engineering students. This project can be developed in PHP and MySQL. You can use this as your minor project or major project. This project abstract is for a web application that will be used by a real estate company.

The main objective of this software is to keep all records and data of their projects and customers. Let’s take an example of a Real Estate company called ABC. This company sells plots (land), flats/apartments, and independent houses to its customers. They have a huge data of their customers with their name, phone numbers, address etc. They want to keep a record of all the confirmed customers and new customers as well.

This software will save customer data in two categories: New customer and Confirmed customers. (Confirmed customers are those who have bought a plot or flat from this company). There is also an option to create projects. ABC Company can create ‘n’ numbers of project in this software. Each project page will have options like – Name, Type (plot, flat, house, villa etc), No. of Bedrooms, Sq ft, Price etc. Add customer page will have options like – Name, Customer occupation, Email, Employer name, Salary, Project Name, Sq ft, Mode of payment, Bank details etc. This real estate company can also keep a record of all the flats for sale or apartments for sale projects. Filters can be added into this software to show more detailed records.

This software will have 2 modules: One user (employee) module and the second one is administrator module. Administrator will have full permission of this software. He can add, remove and modify everything in this software. He can add or remove users also.

User module is the one where sales or marketing employees of ABC Company will enter details of the project and customers. Every user will have separate login. Once they login to the application, they will have only permission to add project and customer details. They can also add call records for new customer acquisitions. All the call records done with the customers can be documented in this software.

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Updated: July 6, 2016 — 11:24 am

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