Leave Management System

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Online Leave Management System is generally used to apply for leaves, check leave status online. This application has 4 modules. Each module has its significance. The 4 modules are:

  1. User
  2. HR
  3. Payroll
  4. Administrator

Leave Management

User Module: User has the access to apply for new leaves, check leave status, check leave balance, request to cancel an approved leave and view Holiday calendar. Once a new leave request is submitted an email notification is generated to the users approver.

User module (Approver’s role):  Approver gets an email for a leave request. Approver logs into the application and based on the scenario approve or rejects leave request. Once approver approves a request an email notification is generated to inform the user and Payroll Department / System.

Leave Management Software

HR Module: HR has the rights to add the Holiday Calendar, update the leave balance and check user’s attendance details. HR module has the following features:

  • Define day offs
  • Define holidays
  • Assign available leave days for each User
  • View a list of users going on leave within a specified time period
  • Define leave types such as annual leave, unpaid leave, compassionate leave, etc

Payroll Module: Payroll department updates their system for the user’s attendance details. On this the users salary or performance is calculated.

Administrator Module: Admin can create a user’s account and set password to access the software. Admin can also set permissions to users to approve leaves. For example: if user 2 is a manager then admin can set permission to user 2 to approve leave requests from user 1 who is team member. Admin can check all the modules of this application and can view user details. Admin can deactivate or delete a users account.

System Requirement: Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 and above.

  1. Operating System: Windows Xp and Above with Service Pack-2 and above
  2. Dot Net framework 2.0
  3. Static IP.
  4. Server Edition Machine
  5. Best Speed Internet connection for Server.
  6. Available Database:

Leave Management Project

Leave Management System

Key Features:

  1. Admin can create User account to access the On Line Leave Management System. Admin can also set permissions.
  2. Users can add new leave
  3. An approved leave can be cancelled
  4. Current Leave Balance can be viewed
  5. Holiday Calendar
  6. Users can check leave status
  7. The approver is notified via email that there is a leave to approve
  8. View the number of remaining leave days
  9. View historical leave taken
  10. Users can check their attendance on a monthly and weekly basis
  11. Users can change their password

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Updated: July 6, 2016 — 11:32 am

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