Hotel Reservation System

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Hotel Management system is intended to computerize all the activities involved in a Hotel. The main activities in a Hotel include customers checkin and checkout, room reservation management, maintenance of restaurant details and other services consumed by the customer, stock maintenance and house keeping activities. This project has 6 modules: Administrator, customer, reception, restaurant, housekeeping and stock maintenance.

Administrator module: Admin controls this application. He has a separate login URL to access this application. Admin has full control over all the other modules; he sets privileges to all other users.

Customer module: This module includes reservation functionalities like single reservation, group reservation, cancel reservation and recall reservation. Customer registers and logs into the system, then enters his details along with type of room required and number of room required etc. Once these information’s are entered, the system searches for the unoccupied rooms and displays the result. In reservation enquiry, customer can get the information such as rent of rooms and details of rooms available. In single reservation customer can reserve single room. In group reservation more then 2 rooms can be reserved.

Reception Module: This module includes all the front desk activities of a hotel. The application tracks all the details of a reservation like checkin i.e., allocating room to a customer who has already reserved or direct checkin i.e., checkin in without reservation. This module also helps to record and convey messages to the guests, generates availability chart, and marks in/out status of a guest. It stores details like checkout of guest with date and time, bill payment, sending housekeeping message etc.

Restaurant Module: This module helps to track and store information of a restaurant with details like purchase of ingredients, stock alert, advance dinner booking, menu printing, dinner sales etc.

Housekeeping and stock maintenance modules: These modules help to track all the housekeeping details of each and every room and floor of a hotel. The stock maintenance module helps to store all the available stock information and alerts when the stock is deficient.

System configuration: System configuration is the first step in the implementation of this application. All the details of a hotel is entered in to the database first. Such information include types of rooms available, rent for each room type, the number of rooms and the details of each room, details of additional services offered etc.

The functionalities required for this project are:

  • Member registration & login
  • Room availability chart
  • Room reservation
  • Automatic news letter
  • Room checkout / cancel
  • Administration
  • Mobile Version
  • User Friendly Design
  • Easy Navigation
  • Live support / Live Chat
  • Enquiry form
  • Email to a friend
  • Content Management System
  • Photo Gallery (with CMS)
  • Flash scrolling banners
  • Time zone
  • Multiple languages
  • Customer registration / Login
  • Newsletter Function
  • Easy text editor
  • Hacker Free Technology
  • Pop-up sub-menus
  • Image gallery – Photo Album
  • Contact Forms, Support  Forms
  • Online Surveys
  • YouTube Integrated
  • Auto responder
  • Webmail / Email
  • Add RSS feed
  • Add Blog
  • Add FAQ
  • File uploading and downloading
  • Google maps integration
  • Calendars
  • Guestbook
  • Recommendation
  • Favorites
  • Bookmark
  • Feedback / order / enquiry forms
  • Slide shows
  • Combination search
  • Event calendar
  • Interactive map with selected places
  • Mobile browsing (for cell phones)
  • Password protected pages
  • Polls for visitor voting
  • Rating system

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Updated: July 6, 2016 — 11:46 am

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