Customer Response Management

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Customer Response Management can be used in an ecommerce project or a manufacturing industry project. This mini project is developed on ASP.NET and MS SQL SERVER. It has 5 modules. Each module has different privileges set by the administrator. The 5 modules of this project are – Customer, administrator, coordinator, investigator and account manager.

Customer module: In this module a customer registers and logs into the application. After login they can submit their feedback or register complaints. All the complaints are categorized on their type. While registering a complaint, customer needs to enter the product name, order no, lot no, product delivery details etc. Each and every complaint when registered will be assigned a number i.e., a complaint number.

Admin module: Admin user can view all the responses and complaints posted by customers. He will assign all the complaints to different coordinators based on the categories. Their can be many coordinators with different login details. Each complaint will come under a complaint category with a complaint number (this complaint number is an alpha numeric number). Admin can also manually enter a complaint received by email or phone. When a complaint is assigned to a coordinator an automated email will be sent to the coordinator’s email Id.

Coordinator : When the coordinator logs in to the application, he can view the complaints assigned to him. By checking the complaint details he will assign the complaint to an investigator based on the categories. Their can be many investigators under one coordinator with different login details. While assigning he will set the details like Approximate complaint closing time, Account Manager for this complaint, closing authority for this complaint etc.

Investigator: When an investigator logs into the application, he can view the complaints assigned to him and all other details related to the complaint. Investigator enters the investigation activities during the investigation period. There may be multiple investigation activities for a single complaint. When the investigation of a complaint is over, he will change the investigation status of the complaint as completed. He needs to enter the investigation remarks, when the status is changed as completed. An investigator can view all the completed complaints. After checking all details, he will change the status of the complaint as CLOSED. Investigator also needs to enter the remarks for each complaint.

Account Manager: The account manager can view the complete details of all complaints assigned to him till closed.

Customer Response Management

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Updated: July 6, 2016 — 11:45 am

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