College Management System (CMS)

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This project can be useful for any kind of Educational institute. The main objective of this project is to keep track records of all the Students, Faculty members, Class details, Course details and Fees details. CMS also keeps the records for ongoing and upcoming activity in the educational campus. CMS will be helpful in terms of managing the timetable schedule for Students and Faculty members, to keep records for the Students marks, Class details, Subject details, to display notifications, managing faculties for the classes, keeps the attendance records of Students.

CMS will provide the facility to download the Registration Form, Fees Form, Students Marks Sheet, Course Detail Form, Faculty Detail Sheet and Student Detail Sheet. CMS provides multiple modules like Student Module, Faculty Module, Management Module and Admin Module.

Student Module: Students have to register to login to the application. Once they get registration approval from Admin they will be provided with unique id to login. They have the facility to view the course details, timetable, college notifications, download fees forms, Library forms, and Course forms.

Faculty Module: Faculties have the permission to view student details, course details, time table, college notifications, download fees details etc. They also have the feature to contact the users from management module.

Management Module: The users under these modules will have all the facility that a Student and Faculty module contain. Apart from this Management users can also be able to contact the guardians of Students, displaying notifications in web notification board, allocating time table for Students and Faculties.

Admin Module: Admin module will have permission to add, view and delete the users account from any module. These users can monitor the activity of other users from their end. These module users provide forms into web for other users to download.

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Updated: July 6, 2016 — 11:15 am

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