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.Net Projects

Project Management System

In a software company Project Management System is used to track status of various projects. This is a web based application and is accessed by all the teams working on a project. All the teams are segregated as user groups. All the user groups have different permissions. This application also helps to plan, organize, and […]

Defect Reporting System

Defect tracking system is a web application which is used by most Software Companies to track Defects or Bugs or issues in their developing software applications. Defect Tracking System is also called as Bug Reporting System. This application dramatically increases the productivity of the team and improves the quality of the software application, product or […]

Online Examination System

Online Examination System with proper count down and generating report functionalities. The purpose of this project is to develop Online Examination System. The manual procedure used in educational institutions for conducting exam is time consuming and error prone due to human limitations. The System purpose is to completely automate the old manual

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