Month: February 2012

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Functions A warehouse is a place where all goods are stored. Traditionally a warehouse performs four basic functions: (1) Receive products, (2) Store products, (3) Pick product and (4) Ship products. Receive products: The basic functions in the receiving products are:  Total information of raw materials, finished goods from suppliers or manufacturers. Generally, receiving […]

Online Mobile Phone Shop

This is a web based application project, developed for Mobile shopping. The objective of the project “Online Mobile Phone Shop” is to develop an e-marketing system for the purchase and sale of mobile phones. This application will provide an interactive interface to customers to purchase mobile phones, it will also help in mobile search & mobile […]

Voting Software

This project “Voting Software” aims to make the voting process easy and supportive. At present voting is performed using ballot paper and the counting is done manually, hence it consumes lot of time. There can be a possibility of invalid votes or missing correct number of votes. All these make election a tiresome task. In […]

Hotel Reservation System

Hotel Management system is intended to computerize all the activities involved in a Hotel. The main activities in a Hotel include customers checkin and checkout, room reservation management, maintenance of restaurant details and other services consumed by the customer, stock maintenance and house keeping activities. This project has 6 modules: Administrator, customer, reception, restaurant, housekeeping […]

C# Interview Question

1). What is C#? C# [pronounced as “C sharp”] is a simple, modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language. 2). What are the basic concepts of object oriented programming? It is necessary to understand some of the concepts used extensively in object oriented programming.These include Objects, Classes, Data abstraction and encapsulation, Inheritance,Polymorphism.

Website Testing (manual)

Test this website: Test for broken links, alignment issues, design issues & functional issues. The below attachment gives you an example of how test cases are written and the execution result is maintained. Please do remember Test Result is entered after execution of test cases only. Please click this link to view test cases for Login-sample-test-cases For […]

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